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Founded in 2006 as the Leadership Training Center, the Institute of Conservative Apostolic Theology offers exciting, academically challenging programs where future ministers and Christian leaders equip themselves for service through intensive Bible training. Harnessing the power of technology, students in different areas of the country meet and study together online and enjoy live lectures via conference call, allowing students to participate wherever they may be without requiring classroom attendance.

Our instructors bring years of ministerial, pastoral and foreign missionary experience to the table. All of our faculty members and administrators donate their services as a labor of love, thus keeping overhead low. Therefore, the students of the Institute of Conservative Apostolic Theology receive a quality, genuinely Apostolic biblical education...absolutely free!

All that stands between you and a quality education in Apostolic Theology is an investment of commitment, determination and hard work. Why not make the decision today and propel your ministry or Christian service to another level?


Kelly E. Nix, DBA

Dr. Kelly Nix


Our Mission:

The Institute of Conservative Apostolic Theology exists to equip Apostolic believers for service in the Kingdom of God through sound doctrine, rigorous and transformational instruction and the elimination of the barriers of cost and location by providing free, quality, Christian distance education in Apostolic Theology and by preserving our conservative Apostolic heritage and message for generations to come.

The Institute of Conservative Apostolic Theology is a ministry of Alamo City Apostolic Church, located at 9302 Timber Path, San Antonio, Texas 78250.


Dr. Kelly Nix

President/Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Kenneth Ellis


Dr. Augustine Escamilla Jr.


Peter F. Connell, MAT

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Marie Faubion


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